The answers to your questions

  1. How many come in a box?

    There is only 1 magic mesh per tube. Each magic mesh is intended for the application on 1 window only. Each large sheet measures 600mm (h) x 950mm (w).

  2. Can magic mesh be transfered from one window to another?

    No. magic mesh can only be used once. When you remove the mesh it cannot be re-applied to another window.

  3. Can my child still see out the window?

    Absolutely! magic mesh has an attractive image on the side facing the child but stills allows you to see out of the window. This means that mom and dad can still see out the window without obstructing their vision whilst driving.

  4. Can it be seen from the outside?

    No! magic mesh is 100% invisible from the outside, looking in. Unlike other car shades magic mesh will not affect the look of your car from the outside.

  5. Will it fit my car window?

    magic mesh will fit the majority of car windows, even those with a separate side/quater panel. Each magic mesh measures 600 mm x 800 mm and is then cut to size to fit your car.

  6. Will it affect window operation?

    No! magic mesh is applied to the inside of the window much like a sticker and will not affect the window functionality.

  7. How to apply the mesh?

    Super simple! magic mesh is like applying a sticker - anyone can do it. Instructions for the self application are inside the packaging, or you can simply watch the step by step video on our website.

  8. Will there be damage to my existing window tint?

    No! magic mesh can be applied over your existing window tint just as long as you follow the simple application and removal instructions, it will not damage your window tint in anyway.