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Magic mesh is born

Being a mom myself, and using the current car shades on the market for my kids I felt frustrated at the lack of options. I wanted full window coverage, UV protection and different designs to choose from as my kids grew up.

magic mesh is a new innovative car window shade for kids. Made from a patented two-way mesh material which protects kids from heat, glare and harmful UV rays. Unlike most other window shades, magic mesh doesn't affect window operation or obstruct drivers vision.
It is applied to the inside of the window, much like a sticker. The mesh has an attractive image on the side facing the child and cannot be seen from the outside of the car looking in, whilst still allowing the child to see out.
magic mesh comes in a variety of fun and vibrant designs to choose from!


  1. UV protection
  2. Eliminates blind spots
  3. Universal fit
  4. Doesn’t affect window operation
  5. Not seen from outside of car
  6. Durable and long lasting
  7. Multiple designs to choose from
  8. Easy to apply and remove
  9. Anti glare
  10. 100% coverage
  11. Promotes privacy